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What is is a trusted, professional vehicle transport service. We deliver cars, trucks, and RVs across Canada and between Canada and the United States. We do this by having the vehicles delivered by driving them to their destination. We are one of the cheapest ways to travel across ( and USA to / from ) Canada.

How does benefit me? is a great way for budget conscious travellers and safe drivers to see the big cities, the small towns, and everything in between, across North America. It is a cheap way to get across long distances within Canada and between Canada and the United States.

Does operate only in Canada?

This is primarily a Canada wide operation. However, we can offer Canada to or from the United States as well.

How does HitTheRoad affect the environment?

This is an environmentally friendly service. Like carpooling, we turn two or more trips, into only one. This reduces the overall carbon footprint for everyone involved.

Does HitTheRoad ever hire?

We do hire drivers for paid jobs, yes. Usually when we have expedited / rush deliveries, commercial vehicles or RVs / campervans. Under those circumstances, we would pay more than what is mostly described here.

How can I get one of those jobs?

Paying gigs are usually offered to professional drivers with commercial or specialized drivers licences. If you have a professional drivers licence, please let us know. Where possible we would open jobs to our pool of drivers. Usually this would be someone we have already worked with. Drivers with basic personal vehicle licenses (Ontario G or BC 5, for example) are eligible for some, but not all, paid gigs.

Where can I call for more information?

Due to the nature of our service (free travel!) - we receive a very high volume of interest from prospective drivers. Please understand that we are just not able to provide individual attention to everyone in this group.

We simply don't have the time to offer one on one tutorials for potential drivers. We could quite easily spend 40 hours per week only talking to interested drivers. That would leave no time to actually arrange cars for them. That does not mean that we won't follow up with you! Please feel free to email any questions you have. We would be happy to reply to email. We will certainly be in touch once a car is ready for you.

Does offer RideShare services? is not a RideShare or "ridehail" service. We do not offer rides to passengers. We offer vehicles to drivers. If you are looking for RideShare information, check out

About money | up

Pro Tip:

There's a wide variety of vehicle relocation / road trips available. There's a wide variety of driver reimbursements provided. Please take a moment to review the diversity of opportunities here. Consider which type(s) of trip would interest you the most. 

Is this a job?

Not really. This is not an employment offer. We do not hire full time drivers. Each and every vehicle relocation is a one time, single trip contract. There is no limit to the number of trips you can drive. Most vehicle delivery options provide you with one way, free (or very cheap) travel in exchange for your service; delivering a car by driving it to its destination (one way vehicle delivery). You deliver a vehicle, you travel for free or very cheaply.

Do I get paid?

Yes. provides wide variety of driver reimbursements. Most trips provide reimbursement for some or all vehicle related expenses (ie. fuel). Some trips ("expedited") pay more. The exact amount will vary depending on the car and the trip.

Is this a lucrative career option?

Some trips do pay more than others. Generally, this should be viewed as more of a "side hustle" for budget minded travellers. We do not hire full time drivers. We offer single trip contracts. There is no minimum or maximum amount of trips. Drivers can drive once or repeatedly. 

Do I get paid an hourly wage?

In most cases, drivers are provided a flat rate. From this fund all expenses are paid by the driver. Sometimes, fuel is reimbursed separately. 

How much will I get paid to drive a car?

There is a wide variety of driver reimbursements. This is based on wide variety of vehicle relocation terms and conditions. Not all relocation types are available at all times. Nor are they all available to first time drivers. Drivers are informed of the exact amount provided for each trip. Normally, drivers receive preset amount, on a case by case basis. The exact amount will vary from trip to trip. It will vary on a variety of factors, such as: pickup / drop off locations, route, season, schedule, turnaround time, type of vehicle, and more. Most trips will be partial or full fuel paid. Some trips will be paid (gig or contract). In General Terms:

  • Trips Across Canada, reimbursement often equals, or is "plus or minus," the cost of fuel. 
  • Between Canada and the USA, drivers are reimbursed the cost of fuel plus an additional travel stipend.
  • "Expedited Trips" are the most lucrative option. Payment exceeds above trips, determined on a case by case basis. Sometimes listed as "Premium" or "Bonus" on the Available Cars Page. These trips pay more. They demand more, too. 

The precise amount of the driver reimbursement / stipend varies widely from trip to trip. The actual dollar figure will be stated in each Delivery Offer, specific to each trip. 

Is this paid a wage or salary?

Most vehicle relocations (but not all) are about people (vehicle owners) helping people (vehicle drivers) to save money. is inspired by the Sharing Economy. Additionally, many clients are retirees or people relocating to find work. In both cases, these are people requiring the cheapest delivery option available. If you do want to earn money while driving, might be something like a "side hustle." Expedited Trips are paid contracts.

Do you pay for my return trip?

Not specifically. We offer a one way trip in a car. Each trip is provided a Driver Reimbursement. All expenses are the drivers responsibility. For most, but not all, trips, this is the opportunity to earn free travel while you drive cars one way. Think of it as a free one way car rental.

Will you pay for my plane ticket?

Again, not specifically. However, many trips - including US to/from Canada routes - we do pay enough to help you with a return ticket. 

Do you pay for my accommodations?

No. Think of our service as a money saving opportunity specifically for the transportation portion of your overall travel plan.

While do offer the occasional campervan / RV relocation, drivers may or may not have access to / use of the campervan sleeping area. This is determined on a case by case basis.

When will I get paid?

In most cases, drivers are paid at the time that the car is dropped off at its destination. There are some exceptions. For example, sometimes drivers are required to provide invoices, following trip completion, prior to payment.

Can I get paid before I drive?

Under no circumstances do we pay prior to vehicle drop-off at destination.

Do I have to pay a fee?

No. Drivers do not pay to drive. We will not charge you a fee for this. Nor do we require that you join a club. This is not a scam where you need pay a membership fee to be alerted of a potential future prospect in your area that will never actually happen.
Our intention is free, cheap, or paid travel for the driver. Until we have an actual car that suits your travel needs, you pay nothing. This is an honest operation. We view our relationship with our drivers as one of mutual respect and benefit. If you do not want to participate in this relationship, please stop reading this and move on.

Do I have to pay anything?

Yes. Before you are handed the keys to the car, you must pay a deposit.

What do past drivers say?

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About the deposit | up

Why do I pay a deposit?

Paying the deposit demonstrates that you are serious about driving with It is also to insure that the car gets to where it is going safely and on time. You will get your deposit back when that is done. The payment of the deposit is also the mutual confirmation of the delivery. You are not confirmed to deliver a car until the deposit has been paid. Paying the deposit confirms you as the driver.

How much is the deposit?

(Canadian) $750.00 plus HST. 

When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned once you have successfully completed your duties as they have been presented to you. After you successfully deliver the car, you will get your money back. Not before. Under normal circumstances, your deposit will be returned to you the same way you paid it. Due to the recent rise of Photo Radar, we now hold some or all of the deposit for a minimum of four weeks following our receipt of full documentation. Drivers may receive a partial refund at time of drop off of car.

How do I know that this is not a scam just to get $750 from me?

This is not a scam. Please do not waste our time if you are not serious about becoming a driver. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. We are not here to fool around. We are here to help people with their travel and transportation needs. Again, please do not waste our time if you are not serious about being a part of this. Please. Pretty please. We want to give you your deposit back. It makes up happy. It means that the car was delivered as intended. We are very unhappy when we need to withhold deposits. We like being happy. 

If you act in a professional manner, follow the instructions provided, deliver the car safely and on schedule, you will have your deposit returned. The vast majority of drivers have their deposits following completion of their duties.

When have you withheld a drivers deposit?

While uncommon, unfortunately it has happened that drivers have forfeited some or all of their deposit. In the vast majority of cases, this has involved drivers ignoring instructions. Examples of circumstances when drivers have forfeited some or all of their deposit include: arriving late without a valid reason, failing to keep the car clean, failure to complete documentation as instructed. If you follow the instructions and do a good job, you will have your deposit returned. It is that simple. Please note that we do not profit when deposits are withheld. Withholding deposits is not something that we want to do. We would much rather return the deposit following a successful delivery.

How often do you withheld a drivers deposit?

In a "bad" year, less than 5% of drivers will forfeit some or all of their deposits. 95%, or 19 out of 20 drivers, will have their full deposits returned to them following the successful completion of their delivery. The exact amounts withheld vary from case to case. This can range from $100 for arriving late to the full deposit for more serious matters.

About the delivery of a car | up

What kind of trips are available?

Funny you should ask. Check here.

How much time will I have to deliver the car?

Under no circumstances are drivers ever required to drive more than eight hours each day. The maximum required driving time would be eight hours each day. In most cases, drivers are provided more time than that. Whenever possible we offer extra days for deliveries. However, this is not always possible. This is on a case by case basis. Common route timelines: Toronto to Vancouver: minimum seven days, Toronto to South Florida: minimum four days.

Are there round trip vehicle deliveries?

Round Trips are not common. However, drivers with flexible travel plans are sometimes successful at working out a round trip.

What about crossing the border?

We take care of all the customs documentation and paperwork for you. All you need to do is hand it over to the Customs Officer.

If there is a car that needs to go from Toronto to Vancouver, can I drop it off in Winnipeg?

No. You will not be accepted as a driver unless to commit to the full trip.

What if I am late in delivering a car?

In the event that you might miss a delivery deadline, you must contact as soon as possible. We understand that valid circumstances ( for example, weather) do arise that delay delivery. However, lacking those circumstances, you do risk penalties such as withholding a portion of your deposit.

I applied for a car. But I did not get it. Why not?

Sometimes we have several drivers applying for the same car. We wish that we had a car to give to every qualified driver. But we don't. Please keep checking in!

Can I bring a friend?

You can recruit a road trip companion! We welcome, maybe even prefer, two people - total - in the car. Two people in the car is the normal limit.

Can I reserve a car for future travel?

Sort of. Let us know where and when you want to go and we will keep you in mind. There is not a huge pool of cars waiting for you to be handed the key. This is a niche industry. If you are interested in future travel, please provide us with two pieces of information: a time window (earliest and latest travel dates) and travel route (depart to arrival). The more flexible you can be, the more likely this service will work for you. The earlier you inform us, the better. And don't forget to keep checking the available cars page.

I want to travel several months from now.

But isn't it cheaper for me to buy a plane ticket in advance. Should I wait to hear about a car?

It is not cheaper to buy months in advance for air travel within North America. That may have been true when your Grandparents booked their honeymoon. Go look for yourself. We'll wait.

What if I have a friend who might want to drive for

Refer them. We might pay you $50 for doing it. Post a link on your travel blog, facebook page, web site, twitter account,... Show us where it is and you are enrolled for the $50!

About cars to be delivered | up

What kind of cars does deliver?

All kinds. Every car shown on this web site has been delivered by

What if a car breaks down?

Real mechanical problems are extremely rare. People don't transport cars that aren't worth making the trip. Nor do we deliver them. In the case of a minor maintenance matter (for example, fixing a flat tire or replacing a burnt out headlight) drivers are pre-authorized to spend up to $250.00 to fix it. Drivers are NOT financially responsible for 'wear and tear' ( example: flat tire, chipped windshield), maintenance or mechanical matters.

Can I reserve a cube van or campervan?

Campervans, cube vans, or any other delivery vehicles, are not very common. Camper van, or RV class vehicles, do come up once in a while. Be aware as well, the vehicle owner usually fills the trunk with their personal belongings. You will most likely have your bags with you on the passenger seats.

How much advance notice are drivers given?

Advance notice varies widely. There are advance bookings. There are last minute trips. For the Snowbird vehicle deliveries (to/from the USA), most trips are available to be claimed by drivers at least four weeks in advance of departure. Most cross Canada trips are available "a couple days to a couple weeks" prior. There are often exceptions to both.

Can I tow a trailer?


Can I bring my dog?

We love animals. Even cats. But not in our clients cars. Sorry.

How many people can there be in the car?

Normally, you will be able to use all the seating space in the car. However, you might not have all the space in the car. For example, the car owners may might fill the trunk with their personal belongings. Under normal circumstances, you would certainly have enough room for one additional person in the car, besides the driver. The remaining seat(s) would be for your own luggage.

Where do cars tend to need to go?

Cars usually need to be delivered long distances; from Toronto to the west coast of Canada or the Southern United States, for example. Please refer to the Common Routes page.

Do you have a car that needs to be delivered shorter distances (i.e. Toronto to Montreal)?

We do offers shorter trips. And drivers receive a higher reimbursement.

About the requirements | up

What can I do to get myself into the drivers seat as fast as possible?

(Hint: Following this step will greatly increase your chances of free travel.) You can speed up the process by getting your application in (Please see How to apply.) Once you have applied, please regularly check the Available Cars Page. Please keep checking. Email us when a trip is of interest to you. We appreciate drivers who play an active role in applying for trips. And join our driver email group. If you have trouble joining the list, just email us and we will add you.

What kind of Drivers License do I need?

Most trips require a simple personal passenger vehicle drivers license. This goes by different names. For example, in Ontario, this is called a "G" License. In BC and Quebec, it is a "Class 5." A full and complete class of license is required. Neither a "graduated," nor any type of learners permit will be accepted. (We're talking about an Ontario "G2" or a BC "Class 7.") Some vehicles do require more experienced, higher skilled / certified drivers. If you are one of those, you know what we mean.

What is a Drivers Record/Drivers Abstract?

This is the official Government document that details your personal driving history, including any traffic convictions you have had. With an otherwise excellent application, a simple un-certified, minimum three year driver abstract will be accepted.

How do I get my Drivers Record/Drivers Abstract?

Please visit the Government agency that oversees your license - Ministry of Transport, Department of Motor Vehicles, or in some provinces, the public auto insurance agency. Often this can be ordered online and received instantly. For North Americans a driver 'history,' 'record,' or 'abstract' is usually quite easy to obtain. If you are licensed in Ontario you can order yours online here, British Columbia here, Quebec voilà

What if I can't obtain a Driving Record?

We understand that applicants licensed outside of North America (Europe, Australia, etc) may have trouble obtaining a driver history. In most cases, we accept alternative supporting documentation. Please submit the rest of your application and discuss this with us directly.

What kind of reference do you need?

We prefer a recent employment reference. Please provide: Name, Title, Organization, Day-time Work Phone number and a brief description of your relation to them. A letter of reference is not required. A driving related reference is not required. The contact information should be a place of business. We must be able to verify who the person is. We cannot accept cell phone numbers. The phone number must be a land line such as an office. We understand that some people (New-comers to Canada, self-employed, retired, etc.) might have trouble with an employment reference. Please provide what you can. We will clarify with your reference that you are not applying for a job.

Emergency Contact

Please provide contact information of someone we can contact in the event of an emergency. This can be a Relative or Friend. Please provide: Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, and a brief description of your relation to them. We may contact them for confirmation purposes. The Emergency Contact must not be travelling with the driver applicant. 

Can I provide additional supporting information to my application?

We welcome applicants to provide additional, but not required, supporting documentation. Examples include: CarShare membership, documentation of organisation membership (professional, trades, alumni, etc.) , recent or active automobile insurance policy (primary or secondary driver), a Résumé / CV, academic records, certificates, social media personal profile(s) (Facebook, LinkedIn, CouchSurfing, etc), social media presence ( twitter, instagram, etc ), personal blog, reputable online references... Providing supporting evidence may assist us in establishing your trustworthiness and fast-tracking your application. 

What about age requirements?

Some of our driver requirements are a little complicated. This includes both 1) age, and, 2) length of time as a licensed driver. Requirements can vary from trip to trip. It is rare, but not impossible, that we are able to work with drivers under the age of 25. We might ask younger to please keep in mind for the future.

What else can I do to get a car soon?

Keep checking the Available cars page. Email us when a trip interests you. If you do not hear from us within a few days, check in with us by email. Be flexible. Rather than have your trip set, ask us what trips are available. And subscribe to our group email list, now.

About insurance | up

Is insurance provided?

The car will be insured. However, we strongly advise that you have some sort of travel insurance when you travel.

What if I am involved in a collision?

You are insured. However, your deposit will cover the insurance deductible. This is no different from your responsibilities if you had rented a car.

About confidentiality | up

What about confidentiality?

We take confidentiality seriously. Respect for your personal information is a part of the relationship of trust that we encourage. We use personal information exclusively for our stated purpose. We do not sell or "share" it. Please read our confidentiality statement.



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