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"HitTheRoad is a terrific way to see more of Canada and the United States from the road...the whole process was quite simple. All I had to do was drive!"  | Kirsten Alana

"A few months ago, during a moment of what I like to call "frenzied online research time" (in which I spend several hours wandering in and out of sites and forwarding a million and one things to my friends and family), I came across a site called"
[continue reading] | Marisa Crockett

"Actually it was more than nice, it was pretty awesome."
Elite Yelp Reviewer | Alouise Dittrick

"Would I do a Hit The Road trip again? Definitely. Overall, my trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles was awesome!"
Wanderlust and Lipstick | Carolyn B. Heller

"Thanks again HitTheRoad - If I had of flown from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale like I planned, I never would have met the amazing people I got to meet on this road trip, or find the amazing places I found! Looking forward to the next adventure..."
theGYSE | Kobie Notting

"We are beyond thrilled that was able to help make our trip happen." | Cailin O'Neil

"Thanks to I was able to plan a quick, easy, and most importantly free road trip down to the states." | Rad Chad

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity from to see my own country in-depth, and in an affordable way." | Candice Walsh


 "In May 2011, I drove a car from Kingston, Ontario to Vancouver, BC. I cruised through the wilderness of Northern Ontario, saw prairie sunsets, and took a little detour through the Rockies. I'm so grateful for the opportunity from to see my own country in-depth, and in an affordable way. The whole thing went smoothly and Dave guided us through every step of the way!" 

- Candice Walsh, Candice Does The World

Hey Travel Bloggers!

Are you a Travel Blogger? Looking for a great travel blog idea? New at it and just starting out? Just hit your 1,000,000th facebook follower? It's all good. Talk to us. has a special offer for you. We are looking for a travel blogger to drive our Southbound Snowbird Run. And blog about it. Of course.

What is a Southbound Snowbird Run, you ask? We have many clients who are retired Canadians. In the winter they migrate (with the birds) to warmer climates. Like Florida, Arizona and California. In the spring they fly back to Canada. They fly. Lucky travellers get to enjoy road trip awesomeness by driving their car. We know that you will have an incredible road trip experience. And want to blog about it. As a demonstration of our appreciation for the travel blogging community, we offer a few extras. 

These may include: 

  • Driver Premium (extra money!) 
  • First pick of the best cars (Jaguar anyone?)
  • Publicize your blog to our network of drivers and travellers
  • and more!

Eligibility Requirements

You must be: 

  • Eligible to drive as described in the Drivers Section
  • Available to travel on a flexible schedule.
  • That's about it, really. Just those two
For more information, please contact us.